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Our customers live in different timezones, spread over the world and most of the time, they want to experience our platform in their current timezone.

However, there are also reasons to have a different timezone than the one you currently live in and they should be able to update their preference in a smooth and concise manner.

The current state

As probably with a lot of platforms, the support for multiple timezones was more an afterthought than embedded in the MVP — and this is fine and totally valid at that point in time. …

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Sometimes, we need to redirect a user from one webpage to another webpage. This can happen due to various reasons, from my perspective, mostly out of three reasons:

  1. when navigating, the user first has to perform some action (e.g. to login) before seeing the initially requested resource. Only after a successful execution of the action, the user is then forwarded to the initially requested resource
  2. some sort of tracking is in place, which routes the user first on a tracking url, which fires a bunch of tracking and then redirects the user to the original resource
  3. similar to the second…

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In the following paragraphs I will discuss how to effectively group similar time zones. First I will introduce a definition of what is meant with “similar” time zones and then present the approach that me and my team came up with in the end.


In my last article, I presented our approach to rebuild the time zone picker that our customers are using. I started with a short competitor analysis / discovery and from that I derived the final solution that is now live in production:

Grouping equivalent time zones, name them by the largest cities and prefix them by…

Great idea! Have you also considered / evaluated different color-codings, depending on the context of the message(s)?

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When working in an agile setting together with a team, most of the day-to-day planning happens on a so-called Team-Board. In this article, I would like to give a little guidance on the process of which ticket/task to w̶o̶r̶k̶ ̶o̶n (look at) next, once your current task is finished. So, if you are a member or lead of a such a team, this article is for you. ☝️

What is a Team-Board

A Team-Board (aka. Scrum Board / Task Board) is a special arrangement of tasks to work on. In its simplest form, there are three columns: ToDo, In Progress, Done, and in each…

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